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Hello one and all and welcome to the Horde A Riffic Guild Site.  Here you will find out everything you could ever want to know about this up and coming leveling/raiding guild.

Founded on September 12th, 2010,  the guild had a rocky start.  But unlike most new guilds that are sold after a few days of failed recruiting.  We began to strike gold, and obtain members that are good players, and overall good people.  Friendships were made, and achievements were raked in.  After awhile more members were added to the roster and even more accomplishments were found.  And soon, one member stood above the rest.  So we crowned our first officer, Anna (Mage).  Anna was there since the start, and helped us more than they could have ever dreamed.  And glad to say, they are still here with us still today.  Although formed towards the end of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion.  That didn't stop us from getting to lvl 80 and gearing us up as a guild.  We welcomed the challenge, hit 80, grinded for our tier 10 gear, even though it would be garbage when Cataclysm hit.  Not afraid to go the extra mile for guildies, or the Initiates.  Horde A Riffic stands strong as one of the most likable guilds on the Winterhoof Server.

Today, Horde A Riffic stands at 120 members.  We are again up to the challenge of obtaining the top level in both lvl 85, and the guild leveling system.  Through hard work, and the strength of our member's determination, Horde A Riffic will exist until the very end of WoW.

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Welcome Back Horde A Riffic :D

Kimoro, Mar 20, 11 1:05 AM.
I Know Alot Have Been Going On Lately With Us Merging Guilds And Then Coming Back To Horde A Riffic But I Would Like To Thank Everyone That Has Stuck Around With Us Through Everything It Really Does Mean Alot To Me Alot And I Want To Also Send Out A Welcome To Our New Found Members That Are In Guild And Hope That You Also Help Start Building Back Up Horde A Riffic To Where It Used To Be :D Most Of The 85's That Were Congradulated Below Are No Longer With Us But Thats Ok We Are Still Glad To Have Everyone No Matter What Level Or Race You Are :D And Yes I Also Know I Like Using The :D Sign Alot As You Can Tell Im Just Happy That We Are Starting To Get Back To Where We Were!

ALSO GRATZ TO HORDE A RIFFIC ON LEVEL 8!!! WOOT!!!! Many More Levels To Come As Long As We All Work As A Team

Have A Good One Everyone Your GM
- Kat :D


Kimoro, Jan 18, 11 10:52 AM.
We Have Another 85!!! to Congratulate to Gettin This Achievment!!!!!! WOOT!!!!

Gratz to Ikkyheals 85 (Priest)!!!

Just Want To Let Everyone Know That We Are Here To Help You Get To This Achievment Also So Dont Be Afraid To Ask For Any Help!!! That Is What We Are Here For!!!!

Oh NO!!! Here We Come! Better Watch OUT!!

Kimoro, Jan 11, 11 11:53 AM.
As If We Dont Have Enough Already (LOL) We Have 3 New 85's To Congratulate For Getting This New Achievement!
Congrats To Everyone Who Is Working On This And Keep Up The Good Work We Are All Ready To Celebrate Your Achievement!!!

Thsone 85 (Hunter)

Feistygranny 85 (Paladin)

Imahottie 85 (Mage)

Yay! More 85's!!!!

Kimoro, Jan 7, 11 6:13 PM.
Just Wanted To Let Everyone Know That We Have New 85's to Congratulate All Of You That Are To 85 And Are Really Close To Getting The Acheivement!

Blackhost 85 (Paladin)

Thimbull 85 (Death Knight)

Taho 85 (Death Knight)

Congratz Again To Everyone And Keep On Going To Everyone Who Is Close!!!!

- Kimoro

Whats this? MORE 85's?!

Beeftotem, Jan 1, 11 1:25 PM.
You read that right, Horde A Riffic has even more lvl 85's to our roster.  We'd like to send out Congrats to!!!

Monkeysee (85 Paladin)
Illumino (85 Warlock)

Also we have recruited a new 85.  Special welcome and grats to Blazinglight (85 Death Knight).

Once again Congratulations on the leveling up. Now lets get geared up and see what we can accomplish together!
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